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The Delft & Rijswijk family

Already in the 17th century there was a family van Dort living in Rijswijk and Delft. A lot of information about this family can be found in the digital archives of Delft. Among the people of this family were soldiers, butchers and a notary living in Antwerpen as well. Also Constantia van Dort is burried in Goes. It seems the family traveled quite a lot. The family was protestant. 

The coat of arms of Lijsbet (Elijsabet) Jansen van Dort en Constantia van Dort. It also has a crest gold and red, mantling gold, red. Source collection van de Minne and Rethane-Macaré, collection Steenkamp-Damstra, CBG

Although there is enough information, a lot of it has to be sorted out. Here are some bits and pieces:
Joptie Bartholomeusdr. van Dort marries a Jacobus Corneliszn. Borsboom in 1698 in Rijswijk. More info on the Borsboom genealogy can be found at the Borsboom family site. 3). A Jan van Dort also married a Borsboom: Anna Borsboom. They had the following children: Elijsabeth, baptised in 1732, Hendrik, baptised in 1728, Pieter baptised in 1736 and Marija baptised in 1727. In 1765 is Hendrik Borsboom a witness at the christening of Johannes van Dort (baptised 28 feb 1765, in R'dam). Johannes is a son of Hendrik van Dort and Elisabeth Gouwd(e)ria. 

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